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Beware of touts and job racketeers trying to deceive by false promises of securing job in Railways either through influence or by use of unfair means. Candidates attempting unfair means shall be disqualified and legal action shall be initiated against them.

Final Results After D.V.

Sr. No.DateCEN No.CategoriesPostsStageCut Off MarksView
1 16-08-201602/2015Ticket EXam (PWD)Ticket Exam (PWD)Final N/A View
2 16-08-201602/2015jr.Clerk Cum Typist (PWD)jr.Clerk Cum Typist (PWD)Final N/A View
3 17-08-201601/201501SSE (P.way)After DV (With Held) N/A View
4 17-08-201601/2015SSESSEFinal Marks View
5 17-08-201601/2015J.EsJEFinal Marks View
6 31-03-201701/2015Replacement Panel CEN 01/2015- SSE/JESSE/JEFinal N/A View
7 24-11-201703/2015Final Result of various NTPC (Graduate) posts (Commercial Apprentice , Traffic Apprentice , Goods Guard, Senior Clerk-cum-Typist and Assistant Station Master ) against CEN No. 03/2015 (after Document Verification) Commercial Apprentice, Traffic Apprentice, Goods Guard, Senior Clerk-cum-Typist, Assistant Station Master Final N/A View
8 20-11-201803/201504, 07Goods Guard, ASMSupplementary Result N/A View
9 03-07-201803/201504 NTPC (G) Goods GuardReplacement Result (After DV) N/A View
10 17-12-201803/201504NTPC (G) Goods GuardReplacement Result (After DV) N/A View
11 31-03-201701/2015Replacement Panel CEN 01/2015- JE-PWayJE-PWayFinal N/A View
12 11-02-201903/201504Goods Guard Additional Result for NWR (After DV) N/A View
13 31-03-201701/2014Replacement Panel CEN 01/2014- Tech ELTech ELFinal N/A View
14 28-01-201901/201406Tech. Gr. III (Electrical)Additional Result for NWR (After DV) N/A View
15 31-03-201702/2014Replacement Panel CEN 02/2014- SSE/JESSE/JEFinal N/A View
16 31-03-201701/2014Replacement Panel CEN 01/2014- Tech SIGTech SIGFinal N/A View
17 31-03-201701/2014Diversion Panel to WCR CEN 01/2014- ALPsALPsFinal N/A View
18 17-08-201601/201474Technician Grade III Fitter (MW)Final N/A View
19 17-08-201601/201402Technical Signal Grade IIIFinal N/A View
20 17-08-201602/201477CMAFinal N/A View
21 26-09-201601/201401ALPFinal N/A View
22 17-08-201602/201409SSE (Mechanical)After DV (With Held) N/A View
23 17-08-201603/201408catering inspector Grade IIFinal N/A View
24 17-08-201602/2014SSESSEFinal Marks View
25 17-08-201602/2014J.EsJEFinal Marks View
26 17-08-201603/2014Cat_09catering Inspector IIIFinal N/A View
27 16-08-201601/201406Technical Grade III (Electrical)Final N/A View
28 16-08-201601/201456Technical Grade III (welder)Final N/A View
29 16-08-201601/201461Technical Grade III (Fitter)Final N/A View
30 16-08-201601/201465Technical Grade III (C W)Final N/A View
31 17-08-201603/201204Goods GuardAfter DV (With Held) N/A View
32 11-08-201604/2012 TechniciansTechnical Grade III  N/A View
33 11-08-201603/201204Goods Guard  N/A View
34 17-08-201604/201220Technical Grade III (Track Machine)Final N/A View
35 17-08-201604/201221Technical Grade III (welder)Final N/A View
36 17-08-201604/201222Technical Grade (carpenter) IIIFinal N/A View
37 17-08-201603/201202Traffic ApprenticeAfter DV (With Held) N/A View
38 17-08-201604/201201Technical signal Grade IIAfter DV (With Held) N/A View
39 17-08-201601/201203SSE-East/Drg/Design (Civil)After DV (With Held) N/A View
40 17-08-201601/201228Jr. Engineer (Est./Drg./Design/CivilAfter DV (With Held) N/A View
41 17-08-201601/201232Jr. Engineer - Mechanical / C WAfter DV (With Held) N/A View
42 17-08-201601/201201SSE. p wayAfter DV (With Held) N/A View
43 17-08-201601/20111ALPFinal N/A View
44 17-08-201604/201002Account .ClerkFinal N/A View
45 17-08-201604/201004jr.Clerk Cum Final N/A View
46 17-08-201608/201008catering inspector Final N/A View
47 10-02-201703/12Goods GuardGoods GuardFinal N/A View
48 20-12-2016CEN No. 02/2014CEN 02 2014 Result SSE TMC Replacement Cat 32SSE TMC Replacement Cat 32Final N/A View
49 20-12-2016CEN No. 01/2015CEN 01 2015 Result for Diversion SSE Cat. No. 14, 15 Electrical groupDiversion SSE Cat. No. 14, 15 Electrical groupFinal N/A View
50 20-12-2016CEN No. 01/2015CEN 01 2015 Result JE TMC replacement Cat 49JE TMC replacement Cat 49Final N/A View
51 20-12-2016CEN No. 01/2015CEN 01-2015 Result for Diversion JE Cat. No. 40,41 Electrical groupDiversion JE Cat. No. 40,41 Electrical groupFinal N/A View